With over 27 years in the business  Cimco Commercial Industrial Mortgage offers both experience and know-how to see your mortgage application through to a closing. We have mortgage programs for every type of commercial industrial property & have the very best rates & terms available in today's market place. The industry & appraisors use a debt service coverage ratio.It is calculated as follows:  Gross Rents or Gross Income minus 12% ( 5% vacancy factor,5% management fee,2% maintenance), subtracting expenses equals net income ,divided by annual mortgage payment = debt service coverage.We will do the calculation for you.All we need is an income & expense statement Our lending area is from Maine to Florida including PA. & OH.Most of our busines is in New Jersey & New York  We do a lot of multi family & mixed use property & have the best rates & terms in the industry. Our General Manager is Joseph Daniels .He has 27 yrs experience in the industry.You can call him  at 732 748-1486 or e-mail him  at rjdcimco@comcast.net.  

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